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William Watkins trying to guess where we would find our next Bryde’s whale

While still in Venezuela, in October 1979 I was joined by a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), lead by William A. Watkins, for a Bryde’s whale radio-tagging experiment.

In the following years I was often invited by Dr. Watkins to join the WHOI team: (a) in a fin whale radio-tagging experiment in the Irminger Sea and Denmark Strait (1980); (b) in a bioacoustics study of the odontocete cetaceans in the seas surrounding Sicily (1985); (c) in a bioacoustics study of cetaceans in the Canary Islands coastal waters (1987); (d) in a joint WHOI/Tethys radio-tagging experiment of fin whales in the Ligurian Sea (1988); (e) in two cruises (in 1991 and 1993) involving the tagging with acoustic transponders and tracking by sonar of sperm whales in the Caribbean Sea off Dominica.