Red Sea

My involvement in the Red Sea had began in 1993 and 1994, with two trips to Eritrea, invited by that country’s provisional government, to advise on coastal and marine conservation.

In December 2003 and January 2004 I provided support to the Egyptian Government (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Nature Conservation Sector – EEAA) in the preparation of a management plan for sustainable whale watching operations targeting spinner dolphins in Samadai, a coastal Red Sea reef off southern Egypt. The results of this effort are summarised in a report to EEAA.

In 2005 I was contracted by the Abu Salama Society, and Egyptian NGO, to carry out a year-long project investigating the ecology of spinner dolphins in Samadai, as well as local training in dolphin research and management techniques, funded by the Cairo Italian Cooperation Office within the framework of the Italian – Egyptian Debt for Development Swap Program.

In 2007 I reviewed with other colleagues the cetacean fauna occurring in the region, and presented the review at the 21st Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society, San Sebastian, Spain.

In 2009, in cooperation with the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA), I prepared a proposal for a three-year project, “Sustainable Development in the Southern Egyptian Red Sea”, which was funded to HEPCA also through the Italian – Egyptian Debt for Development Swap Program. The project involved a set of interconnected activities to support the economic development of Egypt’s southern coastal and marine zone while ensuring that its natural beauty and biodiversity remain intact, and included investigations on the abundance, distribution and habitat choice of large marine vertebrates such as cetaceans, dugongs, turtles and sharks. Upon approval of the project, I was contracted by HEPCA as a senior consultant to that organisation’s managing director (2009-2012).