portfolio-medpan-logo-465x346Since 2011 I have been invited to be part of the Scientific Committee of MedPAN, the network of Marine Protected Areas managers in the Mediterranean. The network’s aim is to improve the management effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean. MedPAN gathers to date more than 50 members, primarily MPA managing institutions from the Mediterranean basin, and 27 partners willing to contribute to the creation and strengthening of the network. These actors manage more than 80 MPAs in 18 Mediterranean countries. The network exists since the 90s. It is run since 2010 by the MedPAN association, a permanent structure with dedicated funds established in late 2008.

The MedPAN Scientific Committee is responsible for rendering opinions regarding all matters involving the network and its bodies, with respect to scientific aspects related to the establishment and management of MPAs in the Mediterranean area and to concrete application of governmental decisions made at an international level. It cooperates with the scientific committees of MPAs and other organisations concerned on the regional level. The Scientific Committee meets once a year; the first meeting took place in Marseille in September 2011.